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    Yesterday I posted a photo of people in food lines near the White House. A couple of you took me to task for saying that these people looked like the president.

    I assumed that you knew that he said he wanted Justice for Travon Martin because Travon looked like his son would look. Then, when Boko Haram thugs kidnapped 200 African schoolgirls, he condemned it saying that the girls looked like his daughters.

    From that I understood that if people looked like him he would take care of those people. Well those people in the food line need jobs to support their families. Their children need decent educations to get out of poverty. They ARE NOT being taken care of. Neither are the rest of us NO MATTER who we look like!! He doesn't care about them or the rest of us or our Country!!!
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    6 hours ago  ·  

    Just blocks from the White House, every day people line up for food while this Administration continues to send trillions of dollars and thousands of jobs overseas.

    This is not taking care of our own people. And the darnedest thing is that the people in the food line look like the man in the White House. Think he cares?
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    1 day ago  ·  

    Well, we hired a new driver for the campaign...
    He's just trying to figure out which key will start up the van!
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    3 days ago  ·  

    A Lafayette Saturday...
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    3 days ago  ·